Automatic inflatable pad outdoor moisture-proof pad tent sleeping pad single thickened inflatable be 
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Material:      TPU material
Color:          blue, light blue, orange 
Usage:         Outdoor Camping Hiking / Swimming / Home
Features:     sleeping bag + quilt + cushion
Trademark:  Custom Logo
Style:          Outdoor inflatable sleeping bag
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Compatible with automotive LVDS / GVIF digital image signal transmission.

Impedance matching design, compatible with high-speed transmission.
Whole surface of connector is covered with shield shell for EMI control.
5 types of mis-mating prevention keys are available.
Both non-waterproof type (MX49A) and waterproof type (MX49C) available for in-line type.
Available as a completed harness to ensure transmission performance reliability.

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Automotive LVDS/ GVIF high-speed transmission compatible connectors
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